Handmade Social Media®

“Social media” today doesn’t make us more social. It makes us anxious and anti-social, pushes us into bubbles, makes us feel like we’re failing at life, and disconnects us from what makes us human. We are social beings. We need community. We need physical connection. We need purpose.

What if “social media” was redefined? What if “social media” was physical media that linked humans around the world and was a catalyst for social interaction? Not only in the present but as time goes on, linking people to the past and the future? LLLinked® is an ongoing line drawing—made by hand—that is being cut into squares as it’s being drawn. Think of a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are being created before the final art is complete. LLLinked only physically exists when the owners of its pieces choose to meet in person and build it together. That can be on May 18, 2077 in Iowa City, IA or on any date in any location at any moment in time that they so choose.

There are a limited number of squares of LLLinked and each square is uniquely identified with a QR code + RFID label. No two squares are exactly the same. LLLinked is like blockchain or a NFT but in real life.

See the art, read the story, learn about the process and the vision, and see where squares have been sold at LLLinked.art.

Sheet 1

Prints of the 12 squares that make up Sheet 1 are now available in the online shop!

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